Business Marketing & Advertising

With the ever changing world of marketing, it is imperative that businesses stay a float of market changes, to ensure that their product and or service has as many impressions as possible. This is where The Leon Marketing Arm comes in. 

Voice Broadcasting - Voice Broadcasting allows you to create the perfect combination of modern technology and the personal touch of a human voice to deliver messages and reach out to thousands of people whether they are new or existing clients directly on their landline or mobile phones instantly.
Traditional Marketing - We at The Leon Marketing Arm believe in targeted every audience leaving no one behind, therefore our offline traditional services cater to those that still prefer to know about their local business via direct mailers.
E-mail Campaigns - E-mail campaigns allow you to reach your list of current or potential clients with updates, specials, coupons, events, invitations, newsletters, or a thank you message in a matter of minutes.
Social Media Social Media - Social networking platforms allow you to control the conversations about your brand, while giving your website the power to target specific demographics.
Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing - Mobile browsing accounts for a massive percentage of online traffic. Websites that are not mobile compliant miss out on an ever increasing share of the market.


Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Creating an effective and measurable online presence has never been more vital than in today’s competitive climate. Synergize can help you to harness the power of the internet to obtain maximum benefit for your business. We bring together the most important aspects of a successful online marketing strategy under one package.